Advice Intelligence

Make sure your practice isn't left behind.

Be an innovator

Whether you're an early adopter or laggard of new technology, one thing is for certain, it forms the foundation of any financial planning or accounting practice.

To design your practice of the future, you'll need to think about what smart advice technology will look like, removing 'old world' thinking.

If you were to start with a clean sheet of paper, what would your 'new world' look like?

We can show you a new world of financial planning and help guide you towards this next evolution.

The new world Financial Planning Process

There are a number of aspects driving significant industry change as we move into a new world of financial planning. This guide has been designed to help bring attention to this exciting new tech future.

The 3 key drivers of this next evolution are:

  • Technology 
  • Consumer eXperience CX
  • Removing friction from the value chain

Customer experience & engagement

For our industry to evolve and rebuild trust with consumers, we must start by listening to what they want. We need to transform financial advice into a language the consumer understands - as a dynamic, interactive experience they feel they co-created.

Learn how you can enhance your clients' financial planning experience.

Customer Relationship Management CRM

A CRM's purpose should be about managing the interactions of leads, prospects, opportunities and customers, by promoting and collaborating the adviser-client relationship.

Traditional financial planning software has been missing core CRM functionality, specifically around engagement and nurturing.

Learn how you can bring the elements of advice and CRM together.


Financial modelling & data

Modelling a client's financial circumstances, goals and future scenarios is an important tool for planners. It is a critical element within the customer experience, aimed at developing a fact-based and robust foundation.

Learn more about multi-dimensional modelling and why it is critical to managing clients' wealth.

Compliance automation

Our current world of compliance is reactive, where advice is provided to consumers and then checked after it is delivered. It is expensive, manual and generally involves a human checking another human’s work. It is inefficient, risky and proven to be ineffective.

Learn why the automation of compliance is fundament for the future of the financial planning industry.

Practice & Dealer Management

Exporting, exploring and analysing large volumes of data that cover various dimensions across your practice is time consuming, and it takes up valuable resources. Usually this data sits in multiple sources without API’s to bring the data together centrally.
Learn more about how you can make well-informed decisions in real-time through data analytics.