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Goals-based advice academy


The Goals-based advice academy brings you education and learnings of the new world of Financial Advice.

Welcome to the Goals Based Advice Academy. This academy has been designed for financial advisers or planners of all experience levels, or administration and management staff working in a financial advice business. Goals-based advice has many moving parts, from rich conversations with clients about their goals and dreams, to modelling achievability of their goals, through to dynamic goals-based investing. In each chapter, we cover the goals conversation, goals modelling and goals-based investing.

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GBAA Intro

Our goals-based advice academy is designed for financial advisers and planners of all experience levels, as well as employees working in financial advice businesses.

All clients want advice that’s easy to understand, relevant and meaningful to them. We believe the most effective way of achieving this is goals-based advice.

Learn how our goals-based advice framework and technology can help better your understanding of client behaviour and enhance your customer experienc

Chapter 1

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GBAA Chapter 1

In this academy, we unpack goals themselves, not only looking at the financial aspects, but a deep dive into human behaviour.

Both, this academy, and the a.i. technology itself, has been designed to help you have more effective conversations with your clients about their goals.

This chapter will set the scene of the practical learnings within the academy and how to embrace goals-based advice, answering important questions like: How you can implement goals-based advice into your business?

Chapter 3

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GBAA Chapter 3

Modelling a client’s household financial circumstances and future scenarios is an important tool for financial planners. It is a critical element within the customer experience. Developing a robust and fact-based foundation gives your client's a greater chance of achieving their goals through their advice journey.

Tech is a wonderful enabler and enhancer for advisers to co-create financial advice with their clients. This chapter shows you a new-world advice customer experience - focusing on goals & strategy modelling.

Training Webinar

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Training Webinar - a.i's Investment Comparator

The a.i investment comparator is powered by leading research houses Chant West and Fe Fund Info. It is designed to accurately analyse and filter products based on must-have features, risk profile, asset allocation among other parameters which align with clients’ goals and best interest. This 30-minute training webinar will show you how to make the most of it.