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Goals-based advice podcast

Economic wellbeing for a wellbeing economy.

Episode 112, Season 2

How to Deliver Simple Solutions to Complex Problems with Justine Hendry

April 8, 2020


Duration: 55 min

Clients often have complex problems that demand solutions. Unfortunately, many financial advisers fail to understand the needs of their customers. Typically, they dish out generic solutions that don't account for the complexities of the scenario at hand. To survive in this increasingly competitive industry, financial professionals will have to step up their game.

In this episode, we brought Justine Hendry, an advisor with Gold Coast, to talk about goals-based advice for people catering to specific niches. We discuss the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving. She also gives information on cultivating professional relationships as well as goal setting for women professionals. 

If you want to help your clients in untangling financial complexity, then this episode is for you. Listen to this episode now to know how to foster better working relationships with your clients.


To reach out to Justine Hendry and try out her personally tailored services, reach out to her through her LinkedIn profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Justine’s early experiences in finance led her to transition across many business fields
  • How to sell insurance while minimizing your stress
  • Bundling insurance with other financial products
  • Leveraging experiences as a working mother into the ability to understand different perspectives
  • Balancing your interests
  • The importance of mediators in managing relationships
  • Attracting "unapproachable" clients
  • Why it's essential to understand the perspectives of your clients
  • Empowering your clients through trust
  • Why future trends dictate that developing your mindsets is as important as having technical skills
  • And so much more!

About Our Guest:

Justine Hendry is an advisor based in Gold Coast who specializes in niche markets. With her fellow planners, she wrote plans for one of Australia's first paraplanning businesses. Nowadays, she helps her clients navigate complex legal, structural, and financial situations for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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