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Episode 114, Season 2

Why you should be less clinical and more emotional in your marketing, with Tim Reid

April 8, 2020


Duration: 52 min

Marketing is often seen as the silver bullet that will bring unlimited clients and business growth to a financial planning practice. If done right, marketing can definitely be a powerful tool; However financial planning practices, especially smaller ones need to tailor their marketing so it reflects their personality, values and their client base. 

In this episode, we speak to Tim Reid, Australia’s leading marketing speaker to talk about everything marketing. Tim emphasises on the importance of adding personality and emotion to your marketing strategy rather than trying to be too serious or too clinical. Having worked with an extensive amount of small businesses, he believes that a small business’s ability to act quickly, pivot and implement new marketing ideas regularly is key to long term success and growth.

You will get useful tips on how a financial planning practice can engage with their client base and communicate with a helpful approach. You will learn about the power of the right question as well as how to create content and repurpose it. 


To reach out to Tim Reid, please contact him via his Linkedin Profile or via his website timreid.com.au

To listen to more of Tim in action, listen to The Small Business Big Marketing Show at smallbusinessbigmarketing.com

What You'll Hear In This Episode:

  • How to own a niche market through an editorial mission
  • The correlation between education and entertainment
  • How to represent yourself or your practice in your marketing
  • Why creating a podcast is valuable for you
  • The difference between push and pull marketing
  • How to ensure your practice is on Google’s page #1
  • Why you should avoid bright shining marketing objects
  • Why you should be using Youtube, podcast and blogs
  • How to record a quick video for your client base
  • The importance of creating ongoing content and how to repurpose it
  • How a knowledge centre on your website can make you look like a hero

About Our Guest:

Tim Reid is an industry expert and is the host of the award-winning marketing show ‘Small business big marketing’, with 492 interviews of small business owners over 11 years. He also speaks regularly at conferences and facilitates high-end marketing workshops. Tim has also written a book, The Boomerang Effect, which provides captivating insights into the world of podcasting. Tim prides himself on helping small businesses create irresistible, smart and results-focused marketing strategies. 

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