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Episode 118, Season 2

How to Turn Your Message Into a Chart-Topping Podcast, with Glen James

April 22, 2020


Duration: 48 min

While we all understand the need for one-on-one, personalised financial advice, there is something to be said for one-to-many broad financial education. In today’s technology-driven landscape, it’s easier than ever to get your message out to the masses. More and more Aussies are tuning into podcasts to get their daily news, entertainment, and educational content.  With this movement comes a new generation of advisers exploiting this gap in the market.

In this episode, we speak to one of the forerunners of this movement, Glen James. A former financial adviser, Glen is the creator and host of the My Millennial Money podcast, who spends his days sharing much needed financial information to thousands of millennials across the country. With a 10,000+ member strong Facebook community, Glen has generated hundreds of referrals to financial advisers, mortgage brokers and other industry specialists, ensuring young Australians are getting the financial help they desperately need. We get a sneak peek into some of Glen’s upcoming ventures, including a new podcast completely unrelated to money! 

This episode will inspire you to take your idea to the next level, turning your knowledge and passions into a message strong enough to reach thousands. This episode will also show you the power of building a community, and how a small idea can become a national movement. Glen gives us some great advice on how to develop your idea, quit procrastinating, and get started.


To reach out to Glen James, please contact him via email. To learn more about how to launch your podcast, check out Glen’s Podcasting Webinar

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to know when to dive into a new venture 
  • How to work in financial education without competing with financial advice
  • How to build an engaged online community
  • How to think outside of the box when it comes to money coaching
  • Why podcasting is the new medium
  • How to turn your idea into a podcast
  • How to start out as an indie podcaster
  • How to compete with the biggest podcasters in the game
  • How to generate revenue from your podcast 
  • Why it is important to always be looking for the next gap in the market 

About Our Guest:

Glen James is the creator and host of the My Millennial Money Podcast, the number one personal finance podcast for young Australians. Glen is also a former financial adviser and business owner with over 15 years experience in advice. In 2017, Glen took a dive into the world of podcasting, spotting a huge gap in the financial education market.  After a period of time managing the financial planning business and podcast simultaneously, Glen eventually packed up shop and made podcasting his full-time job. Now, Glen and his suite of money and career-related podcasts educate thousands of millennials all over the country every day. 

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