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Episode 120, Season 2

How to explain the value of financial advice with Alva Devoy and Jason Andriessen

April 8, 2020


Duration: 42 min

We all know that there is huge value to be found in asking your clients for feedback. It allows you to put yourself in your clients shoes, and get a better understanding of their experience with your business. Being well aware of this, the recent Value of Advice report from Core Data was undertaken with the goal to understand consumers and their relationship with advisers. Shining a light on the positives of the industry, the survey gives financial advisers an insight into the valuable ways advice changes lives.

In this episode, we speak to Alva Devoy from Fidelity, and Jason Andriessen from CoreData. Their recent research surveyed over 2,000 Australian’s on their relationships with money, their financial behaviours, and their experience with financial advisers. With a mix of advised and non-advised respondents, the survey provided fascinating insight into the benefits of financial advice, the barriers to entry, and how clients assess the quality of their relationship with their adviser.

This episode is stacked with surprising statistics, as well as fascinating insights into the 4 types of client personas, the ‘three Cs’ of client values and insights into how you can customise your service offering to suit different types of clients. With such a huge amount of valuable information, you may want to take notes on this episode!


To read the Value of Advice Report, click here.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to articulate your value to clients
  • How do clients asses the quality of their relationship with an adviser
  • What are the four ‘client personas’
  • How often Australians worry about their money
  • How financial stress is affecting physical, mental and social wellbeing
  • How financial advice can correlate with improved mental health
  • What are the ‘3 Cs’ of client value
  • What are the current barriers to advice and how can you help to remove them
  • How to customise your service offering to fit your client
  • What the difference between monetary benefit and ‘whole person’ benefit is

About Our Guest:

Alva Devoy is the managing director of independent asset manager Fidelity International Australia. Jason Andriessen is the managing director of CoreData, a global market research and data analytics consultancy specialising in customers and how they make purchase decisions. The combined experience, knowledge and skills from themselves and their teams has brought us the Value of Advice Survey, providing insight into the minds of consumers and their relationship with money.

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