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Episode 121, Season 2

How to turn the pain of a problem into performance with Andrew Horsfield

April 6, 2020


Duration: 1 hr 0 min

In the daily whirlwind of running an advice practice, it is easy to find your time consumed with small tasks that take you away from your purpose: providing quality advice and building a successful practice. The ability to take time out of your busy day to analyse processes, and find more time to spend on the bigger picture, seems out of reach to many advisers. 

In this episode, we speak to Andrew Horsfield, an independent performance consultant to find out what leaders in financial planning and other industries are doing to accelerate their performance. We discuss how to eliminate pointless work to focus on necessary work, how delegate tasks effectively, and foster a self regulatory performance culture with your team.

This episode is all about using your time to its maximum potential, while ensuring that your team are able to work independently to crush those small tasks that keep the business ticking. With a great understanding of financial planning and its associated challenges, Andrew provides excellent insight into how to streamline your business processes in order to focus on what matters.This episode gives you permission to turn off your ‘adviser brain’ and start operating with a holistic business mindset. 


To reach out to Andrew Horsfield, check out his website at https://www.andrewhorsfield.com/.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How other industries are accelerating their performance
  • How to turn problems into performance
  • How to execute your potential under pressure
  • How to eliminate pointless work to focus on necessary work 
  • How to delegate tasks for good
  • How to plan cutting down on the unnecessary work with your team
  • How to use ‘foreign currency’ as a productivity tool
  • How to ‘turn off your adviser brain’ and build structure
  • How to have a ‘motivate rather than mandate’ culture
  • How to foster a self regulatory performance culture with your team

About Our Guest:

Andrew Horsfield is a performance consultant with 20 years experience in organisational development in Australia, the UK, and South West Pacific. Starting out as a primary school teacher, Andrew now coaches performance with the key decisions makers across a range of different industries. He has experience in advancing people and performance in finance, education, technology, and even elite level sport. His wealth of experience has helped him transform financial advice practices across Australia. 

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