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Episode 124, Season 2

How to Find the Next Generation of Financial Advisers, with Alisdair Barr

April 29, 2020


Duration: 44 min

Strict education requirements, an industry-wide test and a reducing number of financial advisers to some, may look like a recipe for disaster. To others, this is seen as an opportunity. Each year, hundreds of students across the country are graduating with relevant financial planning degrees, and open minds. They are all looking to be inspired.

In this episode, we speak to Alisdair Barr, the founder of Striver, which you may have known previously as Grad Mentor. After years of working in the financial planning industry, Alisdair saw a prime opportunity to create a link between financial planning graduates and the businesses that wanted to hire them. Through speed networking events, and a brand-spanking new online platform of candidates, Striver has helped countless candidates and businesses connect and build rewarding careers.

This episode provides great insight into what new financial planning graduates are looking for in a workplace, how the professional year is affecting industry numbers, and how you can use the new education requirements to attract and retain the best new financial planning talent. 


To learn more about Striver, please visit the Striver website or contact Alisdair via his Linkedn Profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What is Striver and how can you get involved
  • How to attract and retain young talent
  • Why you should hire candidates who are different to you
  • How to articulate your value to young job candidates
  • Why the professional year is adding credibility to the industry
  • Why you should hire based on personality first, qualifications second
  • Why you should be clear on your business needs when hiring
  • Why a diverse workforce is so powerful
  • How to access a database of pre-assessed job candidates
  • How students and return-to-work financial professionals can directly access employers

About Our Guest:

Alisdair Barr is the founder of Striver, a HR-Tech platform designed to help financial planning firms attract and recruit financial planning students and graduates for their businesses. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Alisdair knows exactly what it is firms look for in candidates, and works to connect hundreds of emerging financial planning professionals with growing businesses across Australia each year.  

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