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Goals-based advice podcast

Economic wellbeing for a wellbeing economy.

Episode 125, Season 2

How do we connect investment portfolios to Goals-based financial advice?

May 7, 2020


Duration: 48 min

As the industry moves from a sales and distribution market to a more client-centric environment, goals based advice is increasingly central to the values of advice businesses across Australia. It is one thing to follow the philosophy, but putting the values into practice through a specialised client offering can come with challenges. Especially when it comes to the issue of portfolio management and asset allocation. 

In this episode, we speak to Jacqui from Advice Intelligence and Matthew and Jerome from Dynamic Asset Consulting. We discuss the portfolio management system you can use to demonstrate your dynamic investment approach to clients, how to integrate advice into the goals-based advice process, and how to 4ensure you meet your client’s measure of success.

This episode is all about questioning the traditional investment methodologies and looking towards a more dynamic, hands on approach to investing in line with client’s goals. With over 50+ years of cumulative experience in one room, you are sure to find some valuable insights into everything goals-based investing.


To get in contact with Jacqui and the Advice Intelligence team, head to  https://www.adviceintelligence.com/contact. To get in contact with Matthew and Jerome from Dynamic Asset, head to https://www.dynamicasset.com.au/contact-us-adviser.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How clients measure success
  • Why the ‘set and forget’ investment approach is prone to failure
  • How we can do better than ‘time in the market’
  • How to align different portfolios to different goals
  • Why linking revenue to FUM is on the way out
  • How to demonstrate your value during a downturn
  • How to use technology in the goals based advice process
  • How to build a forward-looking approach to investments
  • How to turn the goals based philosophy into a practical methodology
  • Why the portfolio theories of the 20th century are no longer enough

About Our Guest:

Matthew Walker is a goals-based Financial Planner and CEO at Dynamic Asset Consulting. Having worked as a specialist financial planner since 1991, Matthew has extensive experience operating as a financial adviser using Goals Based Advice and Investing solutions. Jerome Lander is a Goals-Based Portfolio Manager at Dynamic Asset Consulting. With a consistently strong track record of achievement in multi-asset outcomes orientated portfolio management and investment consulting, Jerome is highly experienced in portfolio construction and asset allocation. Jacqui Henderson is the CEO of goals-based advice technology platform, Advice Intelligence. Jacqui is passionate about goals based advice, human behavioural science and artificial intelligence. Jacqui has 10+ years’ experience in private wealth, with previous experience in telco and technology industries.

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