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Goals-based advice podcast

Economic wellbeing for a wellbeing economy.

Episode 127, Season 2

Building Customised Goals-Based Portfolios, with Santi Burridge

May 14, 2020


Duration: 55 min

As time goes on, clients are becoming more emotionally invested in the advice they receive from their adviser. From protecting their family with wealth protection to planning a dream retirement, more individuals are looking for an advice strategy tailored to their goals and values. For many, the process of building a goals-based investment portfolio is of equal importance.   

In this episode, we speak to Santi Burridge, co-founder of Implemented Portfolios. We talk about how to tailor the portfolio building process around your client’s goals, how to use technology to personalise the process, and how to get your clients engaged with their investments. We even dive into the controversial issue of what makes a truly ‘balanced’ asset allocation!

This episode is all about looking at the investment process with fresh eyes and ensuring true goals-based advice leaks through to every part of the advice process. We hear tonnes of great, thought-provoking ideas that will lead you to reflect on your very own method towards investing.


To reach out to Santi Burridge, please contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to involve the client in the portfolio building process
  • How to make customisation repeatable using technology 
  • How we can tackle the ‘balanced’ portfolio issue
  • Why risk profiles aren't a true indicator of a client’s risk appetite
  • How benchmarking sets unrealistic expectations
  • Why asset allocation matters more than product
  • Do inhouse products still have a place in goals-based advice?
  • How customised portfolios give clients a deeper sense of ownership
  • The importance of constant communication with clients
  • How to measure, meaningful change in a clients life
  • How to technology-enabled the investment experience around the client

About Our Guest:

Santi Burridge is the co-founder of Implemented Portfolios with 22 years of experience in the industry. Starting out as a paraplanner in Brisbane, and eventually buying into an advice business, Santi became increasingly frustrated that every client was being put into the same investments. Santi launched Implemented Portfolios as a separate business in 2010 to fix the issue.  Santi is passionate about his message and provides great information on the importance of building clients portfolios around their goals. 

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