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Episode 129, Season 2

How to Build a Dreams Under Management Empire, with Andre Novaes

May 29, 2020
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Duration: 1 hr 3 min

Financial advice is a global need. Every individual has their own goals, aspirations, and problems that need solving. As our industry moves more towards goals-based advice, it's important to remember that dreams know no language, nor boundaries. That's why this week, we are setting our sights on the inspiring advice landscape in Brazil!

In this episode, we speak to Andre Novaes, a financial planner and practice owner in Campinas, Brazil. Andre is on a mission to bring dreams based advice to one million Brazilian families. He shares with us his journey, from listening to his father talk about his advice clients as a child, to now owning a practice with over 64 staff, while simultaneously training the next generation of life-focused financial planners, and providing financial education to the masses.

This episode is all about the importance of focusing less on money and strategies, and more on families and dreams. Andre will inspire you to dream big, and re-look at the way you approach conversations with your clients. We gain some fascinating insight into how financial advice is being administered across the world, with plenty of interesting ideas you can incorporate in your advice practice! 


To reach out to Andre Novaes, please contact him via his LinkedIn profile or website.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to think outside of the box when it comes to client meetings
  • How to scale financial education to the masses
  • How bringing children to meeting multiplies the positive impact of advice
  • Why you should stop thinking of ‘advice to clients’ and instead ‘planners to families’
  • How to become a ‘dreams based’ adviser
  • How to build a financial planning business that centres around life planning 
  • Why you need to work with clarity before working with transparency
  • How to hire great new financial planners by 'ignoring the technical
  • When you should take money out of the conversation
  • Why an entrepreneurial adviser holds more potential than a technical adviser 

About Our Guest:

Andre Novaes is the founder and CEO of LifeFP in Brazil, a hybrid financial planning life planning company. Growing up hearing his father, a financial planner, talk about his clients, Andre found himself following in his shoes. Now with over 64 staff, Andre and his business are building and training the next generation of entrepreneurial financial planners through their Planners Academy, creating a new generation of emotionally intelligent dream-awakeners. All this while educating the public through a range of Life Academy courses, with a goal to reach over 1,000,000 people. 

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