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Goals-based advice podcast

Economic wellbeing for a wellbeing economy.

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We have all told ourselves at some stage that ‘this will be the year I get fit’. Yet time and time again, our behaviours don’t match our goals, ultimately leading to failure to achieve. The same can be applied to advice clients, who set ambitious financial goals that consistently fall short due to poor financial behaviours. 

In this episode, we speak to Hendrik Crafford, a practice owner and adviser coach in South Africa to talk about how he identified this gap in the market, and how you can implement behavioural coaching in the advice process through verbal communication, body language, personality profiling and goal creation. Hendrik even provides a self reflective mind and body exercise for you to try while listening!

This episode is all about understanding the value that can be added when infusing a life coaching mindset with the technical knowledge that is integral to strong financial advice. Hendrik will challenge you to think outside the box and leave limiting traditions and thought processes at the door.


To reach out to Hendrik Crafford, please contact him via his website.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to talk to client about their responsibilities in the advice process
  • How to ‘be the shepherd’ and guide your clients through their journey
  • How to optimise the cash flow of a client to fund their goals
  • How to manage ‘human capital’ within your business
  • How to use behavioural coaching in the advice process
  • How our moods influence our bodies
  • How to use effective language with clients
  • How to use a dream wheel when building client relationships
  • Which key behavioural questions you should be asking your clients
  • How onboarding any client is dangerous for new advisers
  • Why you should consider utilising a life coach in your business

About Our Guest:

Hendrik Crafford is the owner of Momentum Financial Wellness Practice in South Africa, with 30 years of experience in the industry. Hendrik started his journey in the advice industry with the hopes to make a difference to people’s lives through a mixture of financial advice and behavioural coaching. Hendrik’s career has since involved a number of ventures, including coaching other financial advisers on how to integrate a more behavioral approach to their service, which has even been translated to a local university program. 

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