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Goals-based advice podcast

Economic wellbeing for a wellbeing economy.

Episode 132, Season 2

What makes it "Goals-based” Advice with Fraser Jack

June 17, 2020


Duration: 39 min

When we hear the words ‘goals based advice’, it's a natural reaction to think: Isn’t all good advice technically goals based advice? It’s not rare that advisers speak to clients about their goals: purchasing an investment property, paying less tax,having enough super available for retirement. However, many of these goals resemble financial strategies more than they do true, meaningful goals of an everyday Australian. 

In this episode, Fraser Jack, the former head of client partnerships at Advice Intelligence tackles this question, outlining what exactly makes goals based advice unique, and how you can start to transform your business into that of a truly goals-centric hub. Fraser chats about the mindset of goals-based advice, the metrics, what it takes to model goals,and how to track goals on an ongoing basis.

This episode is all about getting an in-depth understanding of what exactly goes into goals-based advice, and utilising the tools available to begin to transform your advice processes in alignment with your clients goals. This episode takes tidbits of Fraser’s knowledge and experience, combined with some of the wisdom accumulated over two years of interviewing industry leaders within the goals-based advice space!


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to shift from a product based mindset to a goals based mindset
  • How to identify your client’s goals based metrics
  • How to do a ‘goals based’ audit of your website
  • How to help your clients discover their goals
  • How to conduct an effective goals discovery meeting
  • Where to find tools to assist in the goal-discovery process
  • How to identify your client’s communication code
  • How to relook at risk profiling in alignment with individual goals
  • Why it is important to understand your client’s unique definition of risk
  • How to track goals by integrating client-facing technology
  • How to find out more about Advice Intelligence’s upcoming goals based academy

About the Speaker:

Fraser Jack  is the former head of client partnerships at Advice Intelligence. After spending his early years as a financial adviser, Fraser now works with Advice Intelligence, providing advisers with the tools they need to deliver effective goals based advice via one intelligent and simplified digital advice platform. Fraser is passionate about the rise of goals-based advice in Australia and has honed his expertise through over 100 podcast interviews with the top players in the goals-based advice field. 

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