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Episode 134, Season 2

How to find the right language to use with your clients, with Eleece Quilliam

July 2, 2020


Duration: 1 hr 1 min

As experts in their field, financial advisers can often get carried away with strategy, unintentionally using language that prevents their clients from developing a true understanding of the advice being provided. Communication is everything in the adviser-client relationship, and it's imperative that we get it right.

In this episode, we speak to Eleece Quilliam, National Manager of Invesco Consulting in Australia to talk about what language we should be using with clients, and how to communicate in a way they understand. Eleece provides valuable information on which common words and terms we should avoid, what we should replace them with, and even how to frame your language depending on genders and generations. 

This episode is all about improving communication with your clients to ensure your clients are informed, empowered, and confident in the advice they receive. We pick up a few new terms and words that clients respond well to, as well as uncovering a few surprising words that are an instant turn-off for many!


To reach out to Eleece Quilliam, please contact her via eleece.quilliam@invesco.com

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to communicate more effectively with women vs men
  • How do younger clients expect to be treated in comparison to their parents?
  • What language you should use with millennials and gen Z 
  • Are clients looking for financial freedom or financial security?
  • Why you should remove the word ‘fee’ from your vocabulary
  • How to demonstrate genuine transparency to your clients
  • How to avoid unintentionally ‘salesy’ terms with new clients
  • Do your clients want a knowledgeable adviser or an experienced adviser?
  • How to ensure your clients are truly understanding strategies
  • How to re-frame the insurance conversation
  • Do clients actually want to be impressed by their adviser?

About Our Guest:

Eleece Quilliam is the National Manager of Invesco Consulting in Australia, a US-based group dedicated to helping advisers get new clients, keep the clients they have and grow their business. Before joining Invesco in 2016, Eleece worked across numerous roles in the wealth and financial advice industry with National Australia Bank and Westpac in areas such as practice management and training. Eleece is passionate about building adviser capabilities and bridging the gap between adviser and client communications. 

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