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Goals-based advice podcast

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Episode 135, Season 2

How to master your coaching skills, with Anthony Noud

July 9, 2020
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Duration: 43 min

As goals based advisers, it is within our nature to identify client goals and implement strategies that will help those dreams become reality. There is also great benefit in digging deep to understand a client's fears and ambitions, taking that journey with the client by coaching them to success.

In this episode, we speak to Anthony Noud, an Aussie life coach to talk about how he coaches his clients, how to define your client’s goals and values, and how to uncover what drives their habits, beliefs and decisions. Anthony even shares some of his tricks of the trade, including a fascinating exercise you can do with your clients to uncover the values they hold closest to heart.

This episode is all about deepening your relationship with clients through introspective self-analysis exercises and emotionally intelligent questions that guide clients on a journey of self-discovery alongside you.


To reach out to Anthony, get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to uncover your client’s key values
  • What understanding your client's ’best day ever’ can teach you
  • Why achieving a goal is often the most unfulfilling part of the journey
  • How to overcome the ‘bully mind’
  • How to identify the cost of a bad habit
  • How to bring coaching into the adviser-client relationship
  • How to understand the behaviours that drive client habits

About Our Guest:

Anthony Noud is the director of Awakened Lifestyles, a life coaching business which works with high functioning individuals to help them realise their potential and achieve their dreams. Anthony has had an incredible journey, from struggling with addiction in his early twenties, to building himself up to a business owner who helps others on their own journey. Today, Awakened Lifestyle teaches hundreds of clients how to achieve their goals through life coaching. 

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