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Episode 136, Season 2

How to maximise the value your clients see in you, with Sharon McClafferty

July 16, 2020
HubSpot Video


Duration: 52 min

When building a successful and valuable financial planning practice, it is easy for advisers to get swept up in the never ending demands of running a business. This can lead to burnout, under-charging, and sacrificing personal goals. When given time to reflect and look over their business strategy, advisers can often find more time to achieve their personal goals, while bringing in more revenue at the same time. 

To find out how this is possible, in this episode we speak to Sharon McClafferty, CEO of Slipstream Coaching to talk about how their business coaches help financial advisers take control of their business and realign with their strategic goals.  We talk about the 3 pillars to create a profitable and successful advice practice. Sharon provides valuable tips around repricing, analysing value, reviewing your business plan and expanding your business. 

This episode is all about getting realigned with the business you have and the life you want to live, while also ensuring your business is being remunerated properly in line with the value clients receive. Sharon gives some great ‘pushes’ for your business that many of us have been needing to hear!


To reach out to Sharon, please contact her via her LinkedIn profile or visit the website.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to accurately price your services
  • How to align your business goals with your personal goals
  • How to continuously customise your service offering to your clients
  • Why single adviser practices are often high risk
  • The importance of giving yourself lead time to achieve business goals
  • Why you shouldn’t take on client’s you can’t deliver maximum value to
  • How to increase fees with your existing clients
  • How to measure the value of repricing your services
  • Why it is so important for advisers to have a business plan
  • How to let go of clients you don’t enjoy servicing 

About Our Guest:

Sharon McClafferty is the CEO of Slipstream Coaching, offering tailored business coaching to over 60 financial planning and accounting practices across Australia. With a background in event and project management in Australia and London, Sharon found her passion in business coaching, launching Slipstream Coaching with Scott Charlton in 2015. Sharon is incredibly passionate about helping financial planners take their business to the next level. 

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