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Episode 137, Season 2

How to help your clients retire, outside of money, with Peter Graham

July 23, 2020


Duration: 48 min

For so many Australians, retirement is the ultimate dream. We spend years working, we put money aside into super, and do everything we can to ensure we can make it work financially. So, your client has followed your advice and is financially ready to retire. Now what?

In this episode, we speak to Peter Graham, an experienced retirement coach to talk about the realities of retirement, the danger of boredom, and how you can help your clients maximise their retirement. We discuss everything from the importance of setting goals, encouraging retirees to build and foster friendships and ensuring couples are on the same page prior to retirement. 

This episode is all about challenging the belief that once your client has retired, your work is done. Peter reiterates that retirement is a life stage that requires just as much planning and consistent goal revision as any other stage of life, and with the right tools, this is a service you can offer to your clients. 


To reach out to Peter Graham, please contact him via his website, add him on LinkedIn or via phone on 0412532782. 

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to help your clients prepare emotionally for retirement
  • Why advisers should be comfortable asking the difficult questions
  • Why most people become bored and unfulfilled in retirement
  • How lazy habits can define an unsatisfying retirement
  • The importance of identifying individual goals for couples nearing retirement
  • Why doctors struggle the most in retirement
  • How retirement can result in loss of identity 
  • The importance of retirees becoming engaged in communities 
  • How to integrate non-financial retirement planning into the advice process

About Our Guest:

Peter Graham is the owner and retirement coach at Redefining Retirement. Starting in the industry as an adviser in 1966, Peter has seen immense change in the industry, with his experience giving him the tools to communicate effectively with clients. Today, Peter uses those skills to ensure clients have a smooth transition into retirement, focusing not on the financial side, but the emotional side. Peter is even building an online course offering to help clients get to the bottom of what they truly want in retirement. 

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