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Episode 139, Season 2

How to become more strategic and make better decisions, with Alicia McKay

August 6, 2020
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Duration: 46 min

Financial advisers know all too well how much clients can struggle with change. It is daunting to enter uncharted territories, but what scares us the most is the uncertainty, and the fear of personal loss. So how can we start to embrace change, and frame our decision making to lead to impactful change for our business and clients?

In this episode, we speak to Alicia McKay, is a strategy and change adviser, author and podcast host based in New Zealand to talk about creating new policies, understanding what goes into a good decision-making process, and how to efficiently prioritise goals in order to achieve desired outcomes. We are reminded that change is not a roadblock, but a part of life which leads to opportunity. 

This episode is all about focusing on the systems that guide a strong decision making process, and implementing those frameworks into your business. Alicia even shared details of the ‘$100 game’ which you can play with your clients to get to the bottom of their true goals! 


To reach out to Alicia McKay, please contact her via her Linkedin Profile or email: info@aliciamckay.co.nz

Books: From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Sh*t Done In The Public Sector

Podcast: What’s On Your Mind?

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to ask questions that get to the root of a goal
  • The ideal number of goals you should focus on with your clients
  • Why good habits must be independent of motivation
  • Why we don’t fear change, but loss
  • How to not dilute impact with too many priorities
  • Why overcoming limiting beliefs is so important
  • Why framing change as ‘disruption’ is counter productive
  • How a lack of agency can lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace
  • Why the success of a decision should be measured by the process, not the outcome
  • How ‘so what’ can be a powerful question to ask clients

About Our Guest:

Alicia McKay is a strategy and change adviser, author and podcast host based in New Zealand. Alicia started her early career working in policy development for government, which lead her to influencing change and ultimately becoming self-employed. Today, she works with leaders to help them become more strategic, make better decisions and turn their thinking into real action that has meaningful impact. Alicia has a refreshing approach to motivating leaders, cutting through complexity to focus on what really matters.

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