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Episode 142, Season 2

From launching a new business to award winner in 2 years with Chris Carlin

August 27, 2020
HubSpot Video


Duration: 46 min

Choosing to dive into the world of business ownership is a daunting prospect for every adviser-turned-founder. How do I choose the right licensee? How will I make enough money to get myself off the ground? How will I attract potential clients? And perhaps the most underappreciated question… how will this affect my mental health?

In this episode, we speak to Chris Carlin, a financial adviser and mortgage broker, owner of Master Your money Now. Launching the business in 2018, Chris has built his business from scratch, using content media and ‘edutainment’ as a huge pillar in his advertising. Only two years later, Chris was awarded the AFA Rising Star Award in recognition of his efforts. 

This episode is all about understanding what is involved in starting a financial planning business, and how to push yourself to take that leap of faith. Chris is a shining example of what dreaming big can do, and how important it is to look after yourself in the process.


To reach out to Chris Carlin, please contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What it was like to be awarded an AFA Rising Star
  • How to choose the right licensee for your business
  • How to ensure you have funds to fall back on in the early stages of starting a business
  • How to use video and media to generate new leads
  • How to find your niche and target those clients
  • How to use content marketing to build awareness of your brand
  • How to be location independent from the very beginning
  • How new entrants should approach the first five years of their career
  • How to manage your mental health as a financial adviser 
  • Why career should never be your number one priority
  • The importance of remembering your ‘why’

About Our Guest:

Chris Carlin is a financial adviser and owner at Master Your Money Now, with almost 10 years experience in the industry. From completing internships, paraplanning, and tenure as a bank-aligned financial adviser, Chris used his experience to take a leap of faith in starting his own business. Through the power of content marketing, Chris has driven his business to great success, being awarded the AFA’s 2019 Rising Star Award in recognition of his work. Chris is passionate about modern, future-focused financial advice, with a strong emphasis on mental health for financial advisers. 

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