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Goals-based advice podcast

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Episode 143, Season 2

Australia’s Largest Goals-Based Advice Business, with Terry Dillon

September 3, 2020
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Duration: 1 hr 12 min

The financial advice landscape is changing, with many large businesses dissolving or reducing in size. Creating a business with one clear goal across a large number of advisers can be difficult and hard to manage. However, one business that is succeeding in doing just this is Shadforth Group. 

In this episode, we speak to Terry Dillon, the Chief Executive Officer at Shadforth group to talk about how to deliver scalable, consistently high quality goals-based advice.  We discuss building career pathways for new advisers, client promises, stochastic modelling, evidence-based investing, and technology. Terry also provides valuable information on what goes into obtaining fiduciary certification.

This episode is all about looking under the hood at one of Australia’s largest goals based advice practices, and understanding how to create a consistent standard of quality across a large number of advisers. We got plenty of fascinating insights and even picked up a few 5 star client service tips!


To reach out to Terry Dillon, please contact him via the Shadforth website or email Terry at terry.dillon@sfg.com.au.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to be firm on the values you look for in new hires
  • How a solid business structure can enable 30-50 year promises to clients
  • How to build a structured pathway to becoming an adviser
  • What is involved in becoming a fiduciary firm 
  • How to provide client perks that deliver gold standard service
  • How to incorporate stochastic modeling
  • How Zoom is helping advisers become more personable
  • The value of annual client surveys
  • The importance of evidence-based portfolios that revolve around client goals
  • How underestimating client ability can slow technological progress
  • Why risk profiling is a dated practice 

About Our Guest:

Terry Dillon is the Chief Executive Officer at Shadforth Group Consulting with 28 years of experience in the industry. Starting in a landscape that consisted mostly of insurance and sales, Terry became a financial adviser early, and has accumulated a wealth of skills and experience that allows him to lead one of Australia’s largest group of financial advisers. His passion for developing thorough goals-based advisers and delivering a gold standard of advice to clients reflects through the company.

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