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Episode 145, Season 2

Building an Advice Business From Scratch, with Ben Nash

September 18, 2020


Duration: 49 min

Throughout our careers, we often find ourselves in situations where we feel we are being held back from reaching our true potential. All it will take is one big risk to pay off before you can align with exactly who and where you need to be. The idea of starting again is a daunting prospect for most, but a mindset shift is often needed to be able to advance to the next level.

In this episode, we speak to Ben Nash, a financial adviser who did just that, founding Pivot Wealth in 2015. We discuss where to find clients when starting with a blank canvas, how to leverage your brand through events, the importance of embracing social media within a modern business world, and the benefits that industry awards can bring to your business. 

This episode is all about overcoming the fear of going at it alone and instead approaching life with confidence and personality that pushes you consistently out of your comfort zone. We chatted about some of Ben’s projects including a podcast and a book, and even gained insight into what goes into the publishing process! 


To reach out to Ben Nash, please contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What it takes to start an advice business from scratch
  • How to integrate cashflow coaching into an advice business 
  • How to use events to build your client base
  • How to reach more prospective clients via LinkedIn marketing
  • How to transition from assets under management to fixed fees
  • How to use social media to share educational messages to the masses
  • How to approach presentations with confidence 
  • What goes in to publishing a book
  • How to build relationships with industry leaders
  • The value of having internal awards for your own employees
  • Why it is important to aim for awards

About Our Guest:

Ben Nash is the founder of Pivot Wealth, and an experienced adviser who works primarily with young professionals, executives and business owners. Ben is heavily involved in the financial planning community, and has won awards in recognition for his efforts as an adviser and author, publishing Get Unstuck: Your Guide to Creating a Life not Limited by Money in 2018. Ben has even recently launched a podcast to educate consumers on how to build a better understanding of their money.

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