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Episode 146, Season 2

How to Build an Award-Winning Client Process, with Simone Du Chesne

September 24, 2020


Duration: 38 min

Being given the opportunity to enter an existing financial planning business and undertake a complete rebrand is a rare opportunity that requires extensive planning and consideration. From the name, marketing, client processes and growth strategies, there is a balance to be struck between building the business of your dreams and serving existing clients in a way they are comfortable with.

In this episode, we speak to Simone Du Chesne, a financial adviser based in Sydney who found herself in this exact situation. Growing up with parents who ran a successful financial planning business, Simone found herself in the world of advice, looking for a change in work/life balance after a successful career in marketing. We discuss what goes into a name, joint ventures for growth, career pathways, and what its like to be awarded the AFA Adviser of the Year. 

This episode is all about getting valuable insight into how an award winning financial advice practice is run, and what values go into creating a business with loyal and long-lasting clients. We find out so much of Simone’s unique journey, and she even shares a breakdown of what happens in each of her client meetings!


To reach out to Simone Du Chesne, please contact her via her LinkedIn profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What it means to have high quality consumer touchpoints
  • The importance of a nice office when it comes to first impressions
  • How to decide on a meaningful name for your business
  • What goes into the EQ Wealth client meetings
  • How to focus less on product and more on education
  • What to look for when considering a JV  
  • How to build a successful joint venture arrangement 
  • What winning an industry award can mean to your business
  • How to show value to your clients during a pandemic
  • How new entrants should approach a career in financial planning

About Our Guest:

Simone Du Chesne is the owner and financial adviser at EQ wealth, a business with roots stretching back 40 years. Starting out as a marketing expert, Simone didn't initially expect to find herself in financial planning. However 10 years later, the business continues to smash goals, and deliver great service to their clients. To top it off, in 2019, Simone was awarded the AFA Financial Adviser of the Year. 

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