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Episode 147, Season 2

How Behavioural Finance and Goals-Based Advice Cross Over, with Philip Courtenay

October 2, 2020
HubSpot Video


Duration: 1 hr 21 min

Behavioural finance is an area of study that has piqued the interest of financial advisers increasingly over the years. With a multitude of courses, books, outlets to learn more about the topic, it is easy to get lost in the science and lose sight of how to actually apply the concepts to the adviser-client relationship.

In this episode, we speak to Philip Courtenay, the founder of Applied Emotional Intelligence, a UK based business which helps advisers understand and connect better with their clients by understanding the emotional drivers that guide financial decisions. We discuss financial adviser anxiety,identifying gaps in communication,measuring value and the behavioural differences among investors.  

This episode is all about looking beyond the expectations of what an adviser's role is, and opening minds to understanding clients on a deeper level, helping to further build trust and improve communication within the adviser-client relationship. We got some great tips from Philip, as well as a couple of quick activities you can use with your clients. 


To reach out to Philip Courtenay, please contact him via his website.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to measure the intangible value advice provides
  • The behavioural differences between everyday and sophisticated investors
  • What is financial adviser anxiety?
  • How co-creation of a plan gives client’s the feeling of control 
  • The different roles advisers need to switch between 
  • How do clients measure value provided by their adviser?
  • How the medical pain scale can be incorporated into the advice process
  • How to identify gaps in your communications with clients 
  • Can robo advice facilitate investor trust?
  • How to incorporate the rational brain and emotional brain in client meetings

About Our Guest:

Philip Courtenay is the founder of Applied Emotional Intelligence, a UK-based business which helps firms and advisers understand the emotional drivers behind their client’s financial decisions and make deeper connections. Philip is passionate about inquisitive thinking, questioning everything, and helping others understand how clients and prospects think, act, and behave. Philip is great at facilitating client relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

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