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Episode 148, Season 2

Cashflow, FASEA Professional Year and the true Value of Advice, with Jodie Douglas and Azaria Bell

October 9, 2020
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Duration: 50 min

It is no question that the cost to deliver financial advice has increased dramatically over the years. A combination of a tighter compliance landscape and increasing education requirements have made the concept of delivering advice to the everyday Australian a seemingly impossible task. Adding additional services like cashflow into the mix seems even more challenging.

In this episode, we speak to Jodie Douglas and Azaria Bell from Mad About LIFE, who are doing just this. We discuss transitioning from an insurance business to a full scope advice business, how to decide on your fees, how to incorporate cashflow into your service offering, how to tackle the professional year, and much more. 

This episode is all about looking to the future of advice delivery and centring your service offering around what your clients need from you. We touch on client surveys, mentoring, asking deeper questions, and we even find out how Jodie landed 25 referrals the first time she asked for one!


To reach out to Jodie Douglas, please contact her via jodie@madaboutlife.com.au or connect on LinkedIn. To reach out to Azaria Bell, please contact her via azaria@madaboutlife.com.au  or connect on LinkedIn.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to transition from a risk business to a full scope advice practice
  • How to develop a client value proposition
  • How to approach your first fee conversations with clients
  • How to incorporate cashflow into your service offering
  • How to grow a business organically via referrals
  • How to ask deeper questions to understand your clients on a personal level
  • How to approach the FASEA professional year
  • What new entrants are looking for in a potential employer
  • How to start measuring and tracking client goals from day one
  • How to ask for referrals from clients confidently
  • How to survey the client experience effectively without the hassle 
  • How to build and shape advisers who align with your business goals

About Our Guest:

Jodie Douglas is the owner and financial adviser of Mad About LIFE, based on the Gold Coast. Starting out in the industry as a risk specialist, Jodie has organically built a full scope, high touch point advice business that caters to everyday Australians. Azaria Bell is a money coach at Mad About LIFE and previous FPA award winner, currently undergoing the FASEA Professional Year. The Mad About LIFE team are known for their commitment to innovation, fun approach to advice and passion for helping everyday Aussies access financial advice. 

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