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Episode 150, Season 2

The Professional Year Explained, with Jemimah McMurray

October 23, 2020


Duration: 31 min

Amongst the flurry of regulatory changes introduced by FASEA in the last couple of years, one major change has been pushed to the back of the minds of many: The professional year. With the number of registered advisers reducing rapidly, it is time we start getting serious about the pathways for new entrants, but where do we start? 

In this episode, we speak to Jemimah McMurray, Student Engagement Manager at the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA). Jemimah walks us through exactly what a professional year entails, what is involved for the practices supporting a new entrant, and where to find all the resources required to start. Jemimah also shares some of the great ways in which advisers are engaging with the next generation of advisers, and how you can help. 

This episode is all about demystifying the professional year and breaking it down into simple, easy to understand steps. Jemimah provides clarity in a time of great confusion and provides great tips and insights for financial planning businesses and new entrants alike!


To reach out to Jemimah McMurray, please contact her via students@fpa.com.au

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What is the professional year?
  • What is involved in each of the PY quarters?
  • What duties are required of practice, licensee and new entrant?
  • What are acceptable job titles for new entrants?
  • How long should a professional year go for?
  • When can you start a professional year?
  • Where to find resources including professional year logbook templates
  • What does the professional year application look like for practices?
  • Gender statistics of current financial planning students
  • How advisers can attract the next generation through storytelling
  • What are the motivators driving new entrants into the industry?

About Our Guest:

Jemimah McMurray is the Student Engagement Manager at the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA). Jemimah has become a subject matter expert on all things professional year, helping engaged students learn more about what a career in financial planning looks like, and how to get there in a new regulatory environment. Jemimah is passionate about supporting the next generation of advisers, and is consistently creating opportunities for industry progression through events, collaboration and innovation.

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