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Episode 153, Season 2

How to mentor and be mentored through a lifetime professional career with Jackie Kirkwood

November 11, 2020
HubSpot Video


Duration: 1 hr 12 min

Many financial advisers have been working in this industry for many years, amassing a wealth of experience and knowledge that can only be attained with time. In that same vein, many advisers have experienced great success, and have reached a level in their career where growth of a client base is no longer the priority. So how can you start to give back?

In this episode, we speak to Jackie Kirkwood, a Hobart based Private Client Adviser at Shadforth, to find out how she is doing just this. We hear about Jackie’s experience working at a university in both lecturing and tutoring, we find out how she is tackling the professional year while mentoring an associate adviser, and we also gain access into the minds of potential young advisers coming into the industry. 

This episode is all about thinking about how we can give back, not only to our clients but to the community at large. In this episode we also discuss the goals based advice process that Jackie follows, touching on meeting frequency, cashflow and goals tracking. We even get an insight around what went into Jackie’s 2020 Women in Finance Financial Planner of the Year award.


To reach out to Jackie Kirkwood, please contact her via her LinkedIn profile or email her directly at jackie.kirkwood@sfg.com.au

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to educate the next generation of advisers
  • The soft skills that cant be taught in university
  • How to introduce an associate adviser to the client meeting process
  • How to tackle the professional year as a mentor
  • How to incorporate digital fact finds into the meeting process
  • How to draw goals out of clients they may not have realised were there
  • How to track client goals on an ongoing basis
  • When to incorporate cashflow into the advice process
  • How to build a solid referral circle from scratch
  • How to write an honest and reflective award submission 
  • How to get referrals from your clients

About Our Guest:

Jackie Kirkwood is a Private Client Adviser at Shadforth, based in Hobart. Starting in the finance world as a teller in the late 80s, Jackie found herself moving from South Africa to Australia, landing a career in financial planning. Jackie’s hard work was recognized this year when she won the 2020 Women in Finance Financial Planner of the Year award. Today, Jodie cares for a group of valued clients, mentors, and also balances working at a university, teaching financial planning. 

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