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Episode 154, Season 2

Connecting on a Deeper Level Through Financial Coaching, with Catherine Morgan

November 19, 2020


Duration: 53 min

Financial coaching is a small, but growing community in Australia. From what we understand, it involves a lot of behavioural coaching, discussing cash flow, and not a whole lot of real financial advice. With a growing interest, and a move towards developing strong client relationships, how can you go about incorporating coaching into your business?

In this episode, we speak to Catherine Morgan, a UK based qualified financial planner and coach to find out how she is helping advisers across the world to add coaching to their services.  We discuss ways to approach coaching, when the client needs it and what the client is looking for. Catherine also provides valuable information on where to learn more about the psychology of money, touching on financial therapy, money trauma, value systems and more.

This episode is all about looking at coaching with an open mind and considering how such an offering could fit into your business. Catherine provides valuable insight from her experience and studies, and even gives you a few tips on how to dig deeper in client conversions.


To reach out to Catherine Morgan, head to her website at https://themoneypanel.co.uk/ 

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to incorporate coaching into your business
  • When to introduce coaching into the advice process
  • What are the key indicators that a client may need coaching
  • How to use motivational interviewing to encourage goal completion
  • Why the difference between advice and coaching is the least important point
  • How Catherine aims to financially empower one million women
  • What is financial therapy and money trauma?
  • What resources you need to understand the psychology of money
  • How to uncover your clients true, uninfluenced values
  • The importance of removing jargon from the advice conversation

About Our Guest:

Catherine Morgan is a UK based qualified financial planner and coach, on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon. Starting in the industry at 18, Catherine was frustrated by the product centric approach prevalent in advice, and yearned to connect with clients on a deeper level. Today, Catherine is a powerhouse, on a million to financially empower over one million women worldwide through her coaching, podcast, masterminds, and training of the next wave of financial coaches. 

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