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Episode 140, Season 2

How to stay in control during uncontrollable moments, with Jaime Johns

August 13, 2020
HubSpot Video


Duration: 55 min

In a time where nothing seems to be within our control, it is easy for us to long for the ‘normal’ we were once used to. New technology, new makeshift processes, and new ways of communicating with clients are just a few of the challenges advisers across the country have been forced to face, but do we really want to return to normal?

In this episode, we speak to Jaime Johns, head of advice at Madison Financial Group who believes now is the time to adapt, learn and grow in terms of your advice offering and business processes. We talk about the need to overcommunicate, introducing new technology to clients, transparency of fees and even cash flow management for clients. Jaime also provides insight into what the advisers who are thriving right now are doing differently.

This episode is all about reframing the way we look at the impacts of these unprecedented times on business, and use this opportunity to lean on and provide support to the advice community, co-workers, and your clients directly, more than ever before. 


To reach out to Jaime Johns, please contact her via her LinkedIn profile.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why it is better than ever to ‘overcommunicate’
  • Why it is important for leaders to have an open door policy
  • What sets apart the advisers that are thriving through COVID-19
  • The importance of traditional paper-based businesses developing their systems
  • Why waiting for things to ‘return to normal’ is a dangerous mindset 
  • How to introduce new technology to your clients
  • Why digital opt-ins are the way of the future
  • What does goals based advice look like right now
  • How to build a cashflow offering that funnels advice leads
  • What is the modern adviser’s meeting process 
  • The value of letters of engagement in the advice process

About Our Guest:

Jaime Johns is the head of advice at Madison Financial Group with over 18 years of experience in the industry. With a fascinating background in management and advice coaching, Jaime now works closely with advisers and practices under the Madison licensee, and has seen immense change both within the business and the lives of advisers over the last couple of months. Jaime has direct insight into the challenges advisers are currently facing, and has a wealth of advice to provide in this uncertain time. 

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