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Podcast Transcript

Episode 71, Season 1

Capping off the podcast experience at the AFA Conference, with Fraser Jack


Fraser Jack: 00:00 Hello and welcome to the Goals Based Advice Podcast where I have conversations with pioneers of the new world of financial advice. I’m your host Fraser Jack. I want to thank you so much for tuning in today.

Today I’m just going to recap the very final in the series that we’ve just created, which was live from the Association of Financial Advisors Conference in Adelaide. Conference is now finished, I heading my way home and I’m just recapping all of the stuff that went in behind the scenes to have a look at how we set up, what we did, how it all came about, what my favorite parts were, the worst parts were and all the mistakes and that we made along the way. I thought we may as well chat about those and just wrap the series up.

I want to thank our supporting partner, Advice Intelligence, for powering this podcast. I, of course, want to thank the Association of Financial Advisors for inviting me along, and I want to thank the team at Oh My Pod who are a podcast editing team who edit these podcast and did a fantastic job of getting them out as soon as we could. If you want to check out Oh My Pod, check out OhMyPod.com.au. They’ve got a fantastic resource on that website, which is How to Launch a Podcast in 21 Days white paper which you can download directly.

I thought I might start by just talking a little bit about the behind the scenes side of it. Before the conference started, Glen James and I were speaking about the idea of how we could do this podcast live from the event, which was something that I’d certainly never done before. It was a really interesting experience to go through. We worked with the team, Jeanette Beedell and her team at TPM Events who came up with the idea of a gin bar, which was interesting to me at the time because I often say to my guests when they come on the show, “Just imagine we’re having a chat or a conversation maybe at the bar at a conference. It’s a fairly casual conversation. We talk about and stuff and see if we can get a bit more in depth, and we just talk about your business in a casual sort of way where there might be other people listening in.”

And so that’s sort of how I set the scene when I speak to my guests that come on the show. And one of the things I was really impressed with, or that made the worlds align if you like, that a Jeanette Beedell came up with this idea, “Let’s create a gin bar for you where you can interview people at the gin bar at a conference and have this conversation.” So it was really a great idea and I just want to say [inaudible 00:02:21] to them for coming up with that.

So before I went to the conference, there was a few things that I had to get sorted out. One is the equipment, because I’d always ran podcast episodes through the online video meetings. So I use Zoom, speak to guests wherever they are around the country. We just record based on the equipment that I have, basically my home computer set up, and we chat to people and it’s nice and simple. But adding the logistics of doing something live in front of people added a whole lot of complexity that we can to try and solve.

So one of the things I started doing is looking into what equipment I’m going to need. And I knew I needed something to record on and a mixer. So when you’re recording different voices, you need to have a mixer that records each sound track as a separate recording so that you can cut out some of background noise or you can dull one of the recordings if it’s too loud or change the volumes if somebody is not as loud as somebody else.

So I looked into that and I looked at purchasing the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder, which is a six track portable recorder device. It’s fairly complex, but it’s fairly compact as well. It can sit on top of the camera. It’s got a lot of buttons and knobs and things that plug into it. So there’s a lot to know about how it works, but it’s a great device for recording in that you can basically record six different tracks at one time. We really were only going to maybe need three tracks recording at one time based on the the guests we had lined up. But, you know, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of extra. That’s a battery operated portable mobile device that you can take anywhere and you can record anywhere. That set me back about $650 on that particular device. But it’s actually a quality recording device that has the actual recording quality features where you can plug in things like the XLR connections and bits and pieces.

So I look at that. Now I also thought about the idea of microphones and headphones. So you sort of need headphones, especially in the loud environment like a conference, to be able to hear what everybody else is saying. And of course, decent microphones to be able to talk into, pick up the voice and to also pick up enough information where you can edit out some of the background noises because there’s a lot of information that comes into a microphone at one time and it’s in high quality, decent recording mics can pick up all these different bits and pieces that can be edited out later. So I settled on the Audio-Technica Broadcast Stereo Headsets. Now that’s a headset with the headphones as well as the mic built in.

One of the reasons I really wanted the mic built in is because, especially when you’re interviewing people that have never being on a podcast before or understand how the different sound levels when you move towards or away from the microphone can make a massive difference to the recording. So with a broadcast headset that essentially it has the microphone that’s attached and a little boom and doesn’t matter how the person moves around the microphone will always be the same distance from their mouth.

It’s a fairly decent high quality broadcasting set up so that you imagine, you know people that are sports ground doing commentary, they have these headphones on. There’s a lot of noise in the background, but the microphone is pointing directly at their mouth, only a couple of inches away from their mouth, and it really does allow for somebody to be able to move around in that environment and not have to stay the same distance from the microphone. So that’s what I chose. We picked up three of those. They were around $250 a set, and then I picked up mixer as well, what’s called a headphone amp, which essentially just means that each person can turn the headphones up or down.

And that’s the pieces of equipment, the three pieces of equipment, the Zoom H6 Recorder, the Audio-Technica Broadcast Headsets and the headphone amp. Once I got that, we’re going to plug a speaker in the venue where we can broadcast that out loud to those people who are in the expo at the time. And we were pretty much set up ready to go. Shy of a couple of cables and SD cards, yeah, we were pretty much there. So get ready and brought it back, of course, unpacked it and tested it out after purchasing it online. They’re very happy with the way it turned out. Throw it into a suitcase with the camera and tripod and further bits and pieces, some spare batteries and spare SD cards, and I was away. So that was my equipment all ready to go in suitcase, podcast in a case.

I kind of felt like half professional I suppose. But then I guess I also felt like half imposter because this was the first time I was going to be using this equipment and who knew what could go right? Who knew what could go wrong? The other thing I quickly had to do was to jump on YouTube and do some research on just how to use this fancy new recording device. There were hundreds of different little buttons and knobs and dials you can turn. What do they all do? How’s it going to work? What settings do I need it on? So that was great. Obviously, these days you don’t need instruction manuals, you just jump on YouTube and then Google it, sorry, jump on YouTube, type it in and away we go. So that was fantastic.

So got to Adelaide, that was interesting. Got there and walked in. Just set up. A little bit nervous, I must say. But man, my suitcase full of podcasting certainly look the part, but it’s inside it was a very much a [inaudible 00:07:22] and hope you can pull this off. Set up and day one was a half day, a shorter day. It was mostly an afternoon session. I managed to catch up with Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell first thing, who were super nice people and that really went well. I was very nervous that podcast. We started off, did everything right. It worked. The podcast ended up fine. Then [inaudible 00:07:47]. She was also lovely. Just one [inaudible 00:07:49] if you like after. Well now I actually know how to do it.

Then of course the Honorable Senator Jane Hume was our next up. Of course that added a bit of a new level of nerves to the conversation, but that was also very good. She was lovely and very much enjoyed chatting to her on the podcast and it turned out really well.

So we were off. We had Michelle Hoskim, Little Miss Wow, after that, and then that was the day one. Four podcasts that day followed by an evening, which was a celebration of their coming together. There was some karaoke to be had, which is not great for your voice for day two. A bit of karaoke, the voice does suffer a little bit from that, and then a late night. So the first day was great. Got it out of the way. Then a little bit of a late night. Day two kicked in and we were there nice and early. We had about eight interviews to get through that day, so it was going to be a huge day. And by the time lunchtime and kicked around, we’d actually interviewed five different people so it was a massive morning of interviewing.

I have to say, take my hats off to all those people that put their hand up. We’re really, really happy that everybody did it. It wouldn’t have been a very great series if nobody did. So no, it was fantastic. Then in the afternoon I caught up with Phil Kewin and Dante from the FPA. So Phil Kewin from the AFA, and Dante de Gorhe from the FPA. A bit of a unique moment because it’s the first time they’ve really come together and done joint interviews together. There was a really strong message around community at the conference. There was a fantastic message around the fact that we’ve all got different voices. We all say things differently. We all have different opinions and different voices in the FPA and the AFA have not always gotten along.

They’ve always been respectful but in certain ways, there’s always been a choose one, not the other in the background. And I have to say, I really feel like the professionalism shown by these two guys, the CEOs of both, has been incredible. The messages, different voices, one message. They’ve certainly been working very hard to get on making sure the message is the same message and whether you’re a financial planner or a financial advisor, or you’re both, the idea is that let’s actually just deliver this one message for the benefit of planners and adviser, and more importantly for the benefit of the consumer and the benefit of our clients.

So it was a great moment to catch up with both those guys. A lot of respect for both of them and they have a lot of respect for each other, which is great to see. The next thing I caught up, and the last thing of the day, I essentially caught up with Tara Lucke, who’s always got a wonderful story. I very much enjoyed chatting to her. Then we had a gala dinner.

Now the gala dinner was really interesting because in the past in the AFA Conference, the gala dinner has been [inaudible 00:10:34]. They award the Advisor of the Year, and throughout the conference, through the rest of the conference, there are other awards as well. There’s the Female Excellence and Advice, there’s the Rising Star award, and there’s Excellence in Education award. All were sponsored by different sponsors, and with the coming together of some of the major insurance companies within the market, the awards were decided that it would all be on the one night.

Now that essentially involved Zurich, who were a major sponsor of the evening gala dinner, agreeing and allowing that, “Fine. Yes, no problems at all. We’re going to unite and allow all of the awards to be given on that night.” Which is a really amazing thing for all involved in both the award ceremony that was celebrated at a gala dinner each award. There was four recipients of the awards.

I just have to say that that was a big moment for the conference for me, that was a standout point where not just the fact that the awards were given, but the fact that sponsor [inaudible 00:11:32] said, “No, put the awards, the recipients, the planners and advisors in the room, let’s put them before our own brand and look after them.” So that was a great moment I thought, which took us into day three essentially. I have to say that was another late night.

But first up in the morning was Chelsea Pottenger spoke at 8:30 in the morning and the room was full, which is amazing. Like the day three of the conference after sort of two big nights in a row. She was an incredible speaker and obviously a bit of a fanboy moment for me. And then I was lucky enough to chat to her straight after she got off stage before she had to dive to the airport. So that was great.

Then managed to catch up with Marc Bineham, the [inaudible 00:12:18], Phil Anderson, who is the Head of Policy. Now I also mentioned to speak to Phil at the moment, just after the breaking news from the government about the ... that we’d been lobbying for and they’d been lobbying for so hard. So that was a great moment to share with Phil.

Now that pretty much brought us to the end of the official interviews. I actually did one more than Meet the Professionals Table where we talked about why financial advisors should be podcasting, which is episode 70 of the Goals Based Advice Podcast. If you’re thinking about doing a podcast, I highly recommend you check out episode 70 and listen to that through just to get the ideas of both why you should be podcasting and how to get started.

And now in an event like this, inevitably a lot of things go right and a lot of things go wrong. And I have to say they did. There was a lot of moments that things went right, things went wrong, and we mostly got things right. But there were a few times I got things wrong. There was a time, and I’m going to confess here, there was a time where I got one of the interviewees names wrong. Now that’s a cardinal sin, right? And I have to come at hand up and say, “I’m an idiot.” It was a late night. I was thinking about something else in my head at the time. It came out and I just shook my head and sent, “What am I saying?” But hey, that’s the beauty of podcasting, right? You can just cut that out, stop it and start again, apologize, obviously because you’re an idiot and then move on. So I really did then have to apologize to that person and start again.

Another thing that went wrong, and this was during the interview with Chelsea Pottenger, is we started the interview before I hit record. So what happened was normally you hit record and then you start the interview. We hit record on the video I think, and then there was a lot of people around. We were getting miked up. We’re getting ready. We had limited time, so we started the interview and I hadn’t hit record yet. And so we had to go back. And actually if you listen to that episode back, you’ll actually hear us all laughing at the beginning, pretty much because we were laughing at my stupidity of not hitting record. So eventually we got the recording. We started again, and I really want to say thank you to Chelsea for being really professional about that and continuing on because I was an idiot.

So that was great. That was some of my favorite moments in the conference. Again, I would have to say those things like the gala dinner when everything came together, catching up [inaudible 00:00:14:45] Phil and Dante worked fabulously together. Obviously I enjoy catching with friends and colleagues who I haven’t seen for a while, and certainly enjoyed the session where I was presenting to advisors on why people should podcast. So check that out. And so there was a lot of great moments of the conference. It was a fantastic conference. It was different to the past conferences and certainly that had a really positive vibe about it.

One of my favorite moments of the conference was, and it’s not necessarily a moment, but it was a bit of a banter that went on for quite some time with Phil Thompson. Now Phil’s a friend of mine and we have a lot of fun together. So there was quite a bit of fun with Phil going on at the conference. And prior to the conference, Phil rang me up and said, “Frase, AFA want me to come on your podcast. I’m a bit offended that you haven’t got me on so far. What’s going on?”

Of course, we were joking around and I said, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ll definitely get you on. I don’t want to get you on until we’ve got a decent size audience cause you’re a superstar, et cetera, et cetera.” And we had a laugh. Anyway, so we planned on catching up and doing a recording of Phil Thompson at the conference. Now, one of the things that happened at the conference, you know things that don’t quite go right, is that there is ... Often you’re trying to juggle the slots around. So people are booked in, but then people are late or they might want to go something else and so you’re moving the spots around all the time, and we had Phil ready to talk [inaudible 00:16:09] times and things that come up.

And then there was one time when I actually booked Phil in to to do a talk, but actually mistakenly, I [inaudible 00:16:17] booked somebody else. So I said to him, “I’m so sorry Phil, I’ve double booked you with somebody else.” And that became a bit of a running joke then, because every time he walked past he would say, “Are you ready for me now?” And I would say, “Yeah, yeah, no.” Or, “Yeah, yeah, maybe in an hour.” And we’d get back to each other and it became a running joke. So one of the things that Phil did when I was out having lunch, is he jumped on the mics himself and wanted to do his own recording. So he jumped on the mics and did his own recording of a podcast interviewing himself, which I will play for you actually.

So let’s play that actually and listen to how that went down. But we will definitely get Phil Thompson on to the Goals Based Advice Podcast. One of the running jokes was we had too many other Phils on during this conference you know, with Phil Kewin, and Phil Anderson, and we couldn’t do another Phil surely. But we will definitely get Phil Thompson on. So please, if you know Phil Thompson, reach out to him, send them a LinkedIn message. Let them know that we’re sharing the love and you want to hear them on the podcast.

Let’s get the conversation going with Phil Thompson to show him the love. So let me play that for you now. But before I do, I just want a massive thank you to the Association of Financial Advisors for having me along to the conference. Not everything, as we said, goes to plan but most of it did and I really enjoyed being there. I really enjoyed the conversations I had with some of the people there. Hopefully [inaudible 00:17:39] some of the conversation with some of people. Some of them were a lot shorter in timeframe. We didn’t have a lot of time to speak. I hope the the content came well that you get the most out of it. And before we go, let’s hear from Phil Thompson.

Hello and welcome to the Goals Based Advice Podcast. Unfortunately we’ve run out of time to talk to Phil today.

Phil Thompson: 18:09 Been sitting here for 45 minutes waiting for your Frase.

Fraser Jack: 18:12 Yeah, sorry mate. We’ve just got some other people booked in at the-

Phil Thompson: 18:14 Okay. Who’s next?

Fraser Jack: 18:18 We’re trying to get Phil Kewin and Dante on.

Phil Thompson: 18:20 Okay, well I’m a Phil.

Fraser Jack: 18:22 You want to be Phil?

Phil Thompson: 18:23 I am Phil.

Fraser Jack: 18:24 Okay.

Phil Thompson: 18:24 So it’s kind of the same. Phil Kewin, Phil Thompson, basically the same.

Fraser Jack: 18:30 Do you want to host?

Phil Thompson: 18:32 Of course I want to host. Are you kidding me? Are we doing it? Are you recording?

Fraser Jack: 18:32 It’s recording.

Phil Thompson: 18:34 You’re taking the mickey out of me, aren’t you?

Fraser Jack: 18:36 It’s recording.

Phil Thompson: 18:36 You’re not doing it. You are taking the mickey. All right.

Fraser Jack: 18:38 Okay, do the intro. Do you listen to the podcast?

Phil Thompson: 18:43 I haven’t yet.

Fraser Jack: 18:44 Oh, so you don’t know the intro?

Phil Thompson: 18:44 I don’t.

Fraser Jack: 18:46 Just make one up.

Phil Thompson: 18:47 I will. I will. All right. Thank you for joining us for the Goals Based Advice Podcast. Today I’ve got Phil Thompson. I’m actually interviewing myself. Because Fraser actually never asked me to come on, so I thought I’d just pick up the headset, jump on board and interview myself. So, how are you enjoying the conference Phil?

Yeah, really good. Thank you. Having a great time connecting with other advisors, meeting new people. It’s been a really great conference so far.

Awesome. So what’s one highlight that you can kind of extract out of it so far now you’re halfway through.

Yeah, good question. I think the highlight for me is probably the ... I went to a focus session just before and there was three speakers, and one of the speakers was Phil Thompson actually. He was amazing. Talked about his processes and how he runs his business and technology you can use in the business.

Oh awesome. That would’ve been a great session. Are there any other sessions you’re looking forward to?

Yeah, there is actually. There’s a Meet the Professional Session tomorrow that Phil Thompson’s hosting that’ll be really good to jump on and listen to him. He’s a smart guy, really wise and I believe he’s talking about how to set up a business where you’re location independent, so you don’t need to be based anywhere specific.

Oh awesome. Sounds like a good session again.

Fraser Jack: 20:28 Wait a minute. What are you doing? What’s going on here?

Phil Thompson: 20:32 Sorry, Frase. I just ... You wouldn’t invite me on so I picked up the mic.

Fraser Jack: 20:38 Are you Phil Thompson?

Phil Thompson: 20:39 That’s right.

Fraser Jack: 20:40 I’ve been trying to get you on the show for ages.

Phil Thompson: 20:43 Well I mean I’ve called you every day for the last two weeks asking.

Fraser Jack: 20:47 Oh, that was your calling?

Phil Thompson: 20:48 Yeah. You didn’t pick up.

Fraser Jack: 20:48 I should have answered.

Phil Thompson: 20:51 I thought I left a pretty clear message on your voicemail, but clearly didn’t get through.

Fraser Jack: 20:57 Well, thanks for coming on the show. Unfortunately, we’re out of time at the moment.

Phil Thompson: 21:03 I can keep going if you’re busy.

Fraser Jack: 21:06 We’re going to have to go and pick up some rubbish on the floor at the moment, which is pretty important job because you don’t want anyone to fall over.

Phil Thompson: 21:13 Of course. Are you’re kidding me? Yeah.

Fraser Jack: 21:15 But look, thanks for coming on the show. It’s been a real pleasure.

Phil Thompson: 21:18 Okay. Are we done?

Fraser Jack: 21:21 We’ll catch you next time. Great. Thanks very much. Thank you.

Phil Thompson: 21:21 No. Thanks.

Fraser Jack: 21:26 Okay. Bye.

If you haven’t already, I’d love you to subscribe to the podcast on your podcast platform of choice. And to continue the conversation head over to our social media channels. We’ll catch you next time.


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