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Podcast Transcript

Episode 77, Season 1

Happy 1st Birthday GBA!


Fraser Jack: 00:00 Hello and welcome to the Goals Based Advice Podcast. My name is Fraser Jack and this is a very special episode. It is our one year happy birthday. So quite unbelievable to think that this milestone has come about one year on the 4th of October, 2019, since we started this podcast. And I have to say it is reasonably unbelievable that we’ve made it this far, but I’m very proud to say we’re here. So happy birthday to the Goals Based Advice Podcast.

Massive thank you, and of course big shout out to Jackie Henderson, also Ashley Mahadeea, and the team at Advice Intelligence for helping me through this last 12 months. And with almost every episode are doing something and certainly being there as part of it. I really appreciate it, thank you. Also thank you to Danielle Cornelissen and the team at Oh My Pod, and 5 ELK for editing these podcasts. They go to all sorts of lengths at all sorts of strange hours of the day, to try and edit these up and get them out to you every weekend. I do appreciate it. Thank you team.

A big thank you to Michael [Bach 00:01:06] actually, who sat down with me at the very beginning and got this off the ground, talked about what we can do and how we are going to do it, and just all the information that we sort of went through at the beginning. What would it look like? What would it sound like? What was the feel of it going to be, and exactly how were we going to do it? Big shout out to Michael. I appreciate to appreciate your help mate, in getting this thing off the ground, that difficulty that’s involved in this podcast needs to be proud of the fact that we made it to a year. So well done, well done.

For those people that are interested in stats, we’ve had about 24,000 downloads and pretty phenomenal really I think, considering we’ve been going for 12 months in a reasonably small and niche area. So you know, thank you to everybody who downloaded episodes. 77 episodes in all, with 75 different guest speakers. Now, of course we’ve had some people come on twice, but 75 different speakers. And if you look at those demographics, it’s actually been 40 female and 35 male speakers. So certainly been keeping our quality targets up with making sure that we have fairly balanced representation. Although we are short on the male side by the look of that.

So it’s been fantastic. 75 great speakers and appreciate every single one of them that’s come on and been part of this journey. We had some top episodes, the ones that of course on the stats, that come up on top. We’ve had James Wrigley and his episode we did on the FASEA pretty much topping out as the most listened to or most downloaded episode.

So shout out to Kerry Ong from IOOF Advice Academy, Carl Richards, who’s the Sketch Guy in the US, Keith Abraham, Peita Diamondtidis and [Leisha 00:02:41] Dell, sort of rounding out those top episodes, as in most downloaded or listened to episodes. There’s been plenty of highlights of course for me, international speakers coming on, politicians and regulators being involved, putting their hand up to chat. Heads of associations and lots of business coaches we’ve had. And of course the advisors and planners themselves, who have provided a great deal of wisdom for the show.

Now when I think of wisdom, I always think of the idea of knowledge applied. What have they learned in the past, how did they apply it, and then what are the results from that? And just that simple equation of coming up with, what happened, how did you do it, and what were the results? To me is that exact definition of wisdom and knowledge applied. And it’s been an absolute pleasure to bring that to.

The biggest highlight for me of course has been the feedback that I’ve received, and people reaching out to me personally to say thank you. Or sending me a LinkedIn message, or seeing me at a conference and just letting me know that they listen. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience for me to have people to come up and “Hey, thank you. I’ve listened to your podcast, and it’s been great.” very happy with that feedback. Please keep providing it, and let me know if there’s anyone that you think I should chat to. If you know of someone that could provide value, or as we’ve said, wisdom. Wisdom to you and to other people like you, then please let me know who they are and I’ll do my best to get them on the show.

It’s been a real blast for me personally, and I’ve grown a lot by just having this conversation. And I really hope that you have too. I’m a big believer in goals-based advice, and I imagine this world in the future when the most important business metric in your business will be goals under advice. Not funds under advice, or assets under management, or whatever people like to say. But actual goals under advice, and knowing how many goals you have in your practice under advice, knowing how many goals each client has.

A client might have 10, 15, 20 goals. Half of them might be parked for a later time, but they’re all there ready to go. And being able to track those metrics around goals under advise, that’d be an amazing thing for me to see, people to start seeing them publish their goals under advice to their clients and being able to talk to the clients about how many goals they manage.

So thank you very much for helping me celebrate this birthday of the Goals Based Advice Podcast. As I said, it’s been an incredible. Best part of the show to me of course is you guys actually listening to it. It’s all very well that we produce these episodes, but the best part is actually seeing downloads every week or month and understanding that there’s somebody out there that’s actually listening to it and getting some value out of it. So that’s the biggest part for me. I look forward to bringing you the next 12 months of content, and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.



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