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Getting set up.

Are you the DIY type, or would you prefer a little more support? Either way, we have a set up option to suit you.

DIY set-up - no extra charge

We’ve created an inbuilt onboarding guide to run you through the steps to set up your a.i. account. Here you’ll find videos, tips and FAQs – you’ll be an a.i. expert in no time. Our in-built ‘search guide’ and 'walk throughs' will help as real-time guides to support users on how to use the a.i. software. We also run weekly training sessions to help you get up to speed.

Assisted set-up

Assisted onboarding

If you pick this option, every aspect of your set up will be taken care of by one of our dedicated Onboarding Specialists. This includes:

  • Configuration and CSV import of contacts. (import client & prospect contacts, this excludes: users, documents, files notes, investment holdings, transactions and models. If you require this type of data, you require a full data migration.)
  • Set-up of service packages, workflows and data feeds.
  • Set-up of document templates (including SoA, RoA, FDS).
  • Online and virtual training for up to 20 staff.

* Assisted Onboarding does not include a Data Migration from other software such as Xplan, MidWinter or Coin. Data migration is a separate option.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Data Migration is separate from Assisted Onboarding. A data migration is the migration of all of your client data (assets, liabilities, income & expenses), service packages, fees, file notes, tasks and documents. This excludes the migration of workflows as we are a 'new world' platform with automation built-in. There is a workflow tool within the a.i. platform, it is intuitive to set up any b-spoke workflows you may need.

An a.i Onboarding Specialist will work with your practice to project manage, reationalise and user acceptance test (UAT) your data to ensure it is successfully migrated to a.i. Upon receiving your data extract, you can expect to have your data migrated on the a.i platform ready to go within 2-4 weeks. This is also dependent on the size of your dealer group or practice.