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Find the perfect plan for you

With a range of pricing plans available, a.i.’s team of specialists are able to help you pick the perfect financial planning software solution for your business needs. To ensure a smooth transition onto the a.i. software, we offer all clients onboarding and data migration, along with access to our team of highly qualified product support experts.

Setup, Data Migration & Support

a.i.'s Onboarding, Data Migration & Support Specialists will ensure a smooth transition onto the a.i software.

Assisted Setup & Data Migration

a.i. will ensure that every aspect of your setup is taken care of by one of our dedicated Onboarding Specialists. Our team will take the time to get to know you and your business and provide a personalised onboarding and training program.

Your setup includes:

  • Setup of user accounts, permissions & logo
  • Data migration & import of client data
  • Setup of service packages, FSG, emails & workflows
  • Setup of fees, risk profile, asset allocation & APLs
  • Setup of SOA templates
  • Setup of data feeds
  • Online training for up to 100 staff

Our Data Migration Specialists will migrate, cleanse, and test your data from your incumbent software provider. Dependent on the size of your licensee or practice, this can take 2-4 weeks.

a.i supports data from various platforms and the following data formats.


  • Xplan (MS Sql Server db backup file ) 
  • Coin (csv extract, MS sqlserver database db backup file ) 
  • Midwinter (.csv, xlsx, xls) 
  • AdviserLogic(.csv, xls)  
Data formats: 
  • Data base file from MS Sql Server, MySql, Oracle, salesforce etc 
  • .csv, .txt, .xls, xlsx ect. 

Product Support

Our Product Support specialists are available during business hours via chat, email, or phone. The team are highly qualified advice & software experts and they'll help resolve your queries in a jiffy.

You get 24/7 access to the a.i Help Menu and a.i. Academy. Here you’ll find videos, tips & FAQs, including our real-time, in-built ‘search guide’ and 'walk thru' – you’ll be an a.i. expert in no time.