Interactive financial planning.

a.i.'s WealthMap gives advisers and clients a ‘shared space’ where they can genuinely work together to explore their possibilities. Designed to be clear, visual and interactive, it takes paraplanning into a client facing experience, and enables financial planners to co-create advice with their clients.

Advisers can test future scenarios and optimise combinations of advice strategies, goals, 'trade offs’ and 'what if''s' to simulate the various approaches a client can take, making the world of financial planning ‘real-time’. 

Clients are able to play an active role in determining their futures.

Goals based advice.

All clients want advice that’s relevant and meaningful to them. We believe the most effective way of achieving this is goals based advice. By placing client's goals front and centre, they are constantly reminded of the ‘why’ that’s driving them, giving them a greater sense of control over their future. It makes the entire advice process more engaging and relevant.


Super, Pension & Investment Advice.

Accurately analyse and filter products according to must-have features, risk profile, asset allocation, growth/defensive split and fees to compare ‘like for like’, and see which align with your clients’ goals and best interests.

Customisable portfolios means you can save investment options or percentage allocation combinations, and save them as favourite model portfolios.

Our unique comparator considers both lump sum and regular contributions, and auto-calculates rollovers and contributions to allow you to proactively adjust fees to handle special arrangements.


Insurance advice.

Tailor your client’s level of cover based on their own personal preferences and circumstances with our needs analysis tool.

Once you’ve analysed your client’s insurance needs, the results flow through to our insurance product comparator, which takes you and your client through a guided decision-making process designed to evaluate the best insurance cover for your client.

Our unique stress test will simulate the impact of an insurance life event on your clients goals and cash flow.

We’ve also made sure you can manually configure your Approved Product Lists (APLs), allowing you to easily access, view and filter APL info.


Generate instant digital SOAs.

Once you're ready to recommend the client's tailored and personalised plan, it is generated at a click of a button, delivered directly to their WealthApp, even before they've left the meeting room, ready to accept via digital signature. For advisers, this process is also life-changing, with everything from advice to compliance taken care of automatically.

The client's own WealthMap is then activated with live bank account and investment data, bringing the client’s plan to life.