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Calculate your cost benefit by utilising a.i.

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Efficiency & cost benefit

The Practice Efficiency Calculator is a practical approach to calculating common inefficiencies (pain points).

It can be used as a practice improvement program by using your baseline or industry benchmarks (depending on which metrics you use). It will calculate the inefficiencies within your practice vs the efficiencies gained by using a.i.'s financial planning software.

It helps determine the 'pain of staying' vs the 'pain of moving'.


Your goals are supported by your strategic drivers that guide your practice towards a better way of doing things. We want to understand your goals so that we can help you achieve them, much like how you help your own clients achieve their life goals.

There are three main goals we work on.

Client engagement - better engage with your client's and help them to achieve their goals.

Growth - increase your ability to scale, see more clients.

Efficiencies - lower your costs to provide advice.

Pain points

Pain points are described by how much disturbance your practice is going through - key problem statements. These are usually defined as inefficiencies within your practice's process.

By identifying your pain points, we can help you to determine how much time and effort they are costing your practice.

Calculate your business & cost benefit below

This tool will identify the areas where a.i. can make improvements. 

We help you gain efficiencies over time, enabling you to scale and grow. This includes the net effect of customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Each goal is usually blocked by a pain point. Our aim is to help you remove these blocks so that you can achieve your goals.

Note: The Practice Efficiency Calculator has been designed to be completed once. If you want to create more than one report, then you will need to complete the calculator a second time in another web browser with a different email address.

Advice Intelligence

Calculate your cost benefit by utilising a.i.