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Goals-based Advice White Paper

by Jacqui Henderson

Whether we like it or not, money is our 'Currency for Life'. People don't learn about money at school, so where do people learn about what to do with their money when there is no formal education around money?

Goals-based advice may be a new phrase for some, but it addresses an issue that’s been around for a long time – namely, connecting a client’s behaviours, life goals directly to advice strategies and their investment portfolio.

Financial Technology Trends 2022

by Jacqui Henderson

Overwhelmingly, consumers are demanding a tech-based and life goals-centered advice experience.

We will see the financial planning industry rapidly evolve into a hybrid of a 'tech' and human 'coaching-style profession. Those that choose not to adapt will find growth and competition a challenge. 

The Value of Advice Beyond an SOA

by Jacqui Henderson

Consumers are only interested in buying a solution to their problems, not an SOA document. They want an adviser to articulate how they can bridge the gap of where they are today, to where they want to be in their future, in alignment with their financials and life goals.

The true value of financial advice, not the SOA document.

How to Implement Financial Planning Automation Successfully

by Jacqui Henderson

Speed and efficiency is the cornerstone of any successful financial advisory practice. Uncover the ‘how to’ strategies for financial planning automation that will transform your discovery meetings to SOA delivery in under 2 hours. 

Learn these 4 high-growth strategies for an award-winning financial planning practice.