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ASIC Statement of Advice (SoA) measures don’t go far enough

Today’s Statements of Advice (SoA) aren’t a powerful or appealing way to deliver information – after all, they are produced in a language and format that most people simply don't understand. Far from helping educate clients, this 'foreign language' only seeks to alienate and confuse them.

Breaking down inequality: the different sex debate

Quality financial advice should be a cornerstone in the life of every person. But women, given the inequitable social and economic dynamics, would ideally be in not only a position where they can fund not only their own retirement, but their own lives should they need to live independently. 

Fear and loathing from Silicon Valley

An all-pervasive feature of modern life is the speed of technological change, and of our collective capacity to adapt to the multiple impacts of change.  It is natural to question the benefits: does the constant challenge to keep up and adapt simplify my life or make it ever more complex? 

Goals based advice is not an own goal

If you don't consider a client’s goals, then you risk delivering financial advice that doesn’t meet an investor’s needs. It also flags the emergence of new digital tools designed to support and enhance the financial advice experience for financial planners and client alike.

Robos turn to humans to get the job done

Hearing the various interpretations of so-called ‘robo-advice’ models, you may be thinking the ‘bots are preparing to take over the world. However, leading US providers are now introducing humans into their robo-advice models, or launching “hybrid” automated models.

Better educated, tech enabled: advice in 2020

Adviser education standards recently set in law demonstrate again a fundamental truth of our era: regulation imposed by government - yielding to consumer pressure - continues to be a most disruptive force in the financial services sector, especially for financial advisers.