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Jacqui Henderson

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How Elite Financial Advisers are Capitalising on Digital Advice

In our modern history, during the 18th century within a little place called Britain the first industrial revolution was born - now commonly known as Industry 1.0. This revolution embarked on a process of change, an economic transition from handicraft to machine manufacturing, completely transforming the operation of businesses along with the role they played in society.

Exploring the Future of the SoA in our Regulatory Landscape

Lengthy, wordy SoAs may be a thing of the past, with ASIC’s stance of technological neutrality. 

How Financial Advisers Can Meet The New Demand for Financial Advice Without Turning Clients Away

Australia has stood to lose thousands of financial advisers, and as a result, we are witnessing an only increasing advice gap, jeopardising the needs of consumers in gaining access to financial advice.

Socially Responsible Investing: Everything Financial Planners Should Know

Socially responsible investing looks both practically and ethically at strategically placing a client's money and wealth in assets that make a positive impact on the world. It is the alignment of a client's personal values and ethics to their investment portfolio, though differs from environmental, social, and governance (ESG), which analyses the risk, policies, and practices of a company.

Quality of Advice Review: A Response Through the Lens of the Modern Adviser

Due to the current state of regulation which has imposed layers of barriers that sit between advice providers and consumers, there's an enormous horizon of opportunity ahead for this industry. Following Michelle Levy’s Proposal for the Quality Advice Review, I am optimistic that we may be steps closer to delivering affordable digital advice in a way that’s aligned with the way people consume products and services in our modern, smartphone age. 

The Best Technology For Financial Advisers: Goals Based Advice Is Your Secret Weapon

'A goal is a dream written down’, and 'a goal without a plan is only a dream’ - so the inspirational sayings go. Though dreams may form the basis of goals, these are negligible without discipline and guidance, especially when it comes to turning a client’s dreams into goals and setting out a robust plan to help achieve them.