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Why AI is the next big thing

AI is the next big thing, and I am not just referring here to my company brand. I mean artificial intelligence, or so-called machine learning technologies. The impact for financial advice and advisers is positive, profound and, I have to say, imminent.

How digital automation can help offset Australia’s 492 per cent regulation boom (and restore a little trust)

Our compulsive-obsessive regulatory disorder has added complexity and expense to most financial services interactions while doing little to restore fundamental public trust in the industry. So how should we rein in regulatory inflation without popping what remains of the consumer confidence in financial services?

Are we there yet? The 4 levels of financial advice automation

So, as the regulators in Australia start to get their head around the pace and depth of the automated digital advice world, this blog is to offer a quick snapshot of the various development and automation levels of so-called ‘robo’. I have broken this into four levels.

What ASIC must learn about robo advice from the driverless car industry

It draws an interesting parallel: the potential standoff between the White House and Silicon Valley and other traditional car manufacturers, reflects what is currently shaping up between Australia’s corporate cop and a swag of digital advice providers operating everything from online calculators to complex cloud-based financial algorithms.

Digital Advice

I am increasingly finding the world has divided into two camps: those who do and the rest who don’t ‘get’ the emerging world of digital advice automation. Digital automated advice can be a pure digital experience or an adviser-led digital experience, with human interaction.

Why robo advice is a furphy (and Pokémon Go is not an Olympic sport)

Linking the terms ‘robo’ and ‘advice’ together is to me the same as saying Pokémon Go qualifies as an Olympic sport. The elasticity of definitions is the central point of this blog, and the reason why I believe the hype around so-called ‘robo advice’ has gone unchecked and needs a referral to the fact department.