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Socially Responsible Investing: What Financial Planners Should Know

Socially responsible investing looks both practically and ethically at strategically placing a client's money and wealth in assets that make a positive impact on the world. It is the alignment of a client's personal values and ethics to their investment portfolio, though differs from environmental, social, and governance (ESG), which analyses the risk, policies, and practices of a company.

QAR: A Response Through the Lens of the Modern Adviser

Due to the current state of regulation which has imposed layers of barriers that sit between advice providers and consumers, there's an enormous horizon of opportunity ahead for this industry. Following Michelle Levy’s Proposal for the Quality Advice Review, I am optimistic that we may be steps closer to delivering affordable digital advice in a way that’s aligned with the way people consume products and services in our modern, smartphone age. 

The Best Technology For Financial Advisers

'A goal is a dream written down’, and 'a goal without a plan is only a dream’ - so the inspirational sayings go. Though dreams may form the basis of goals, these are negligible without discipline and guidance, especially when it comes to turning a client’s dreams into goals and setting out a robust plan to help achieve them.

Make Your Financial Advice More Valuable with Adviser Technology

In our modern world, technology serves not only as a tool by which we navigate our day-to-day tasks but as an integral instrument of our culture, societal and behavioural norms. 

The New World of Financial Advice: Predictions for FY23 | a.i.

As we re-enter the world of office meetings and overseas travel, we are simultaneously experiencing a post-pandemic evolution, resulting in a ramping up of the global pace of digital adoption. 

Cyber Security in Finance: Modern Practices For Financial Advisers

The modern, progressive financial adviser knows that to succeed in 2021, you need to have smart tech and a human centred approach to goal setting, and more.