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GBST a.i. support SLAs

GBST a.i. support SLAs

Support will be available between the hours of 9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday (excluding national public holidays).

Queries can be raised and lodged into the a.i. Help Desk through the following channels:

  • Online chat – access this service within your a.i. site
  • Email to aisupport@gbst.com
  • Phone – 1300 242 356

An a.i. Support Specialist will endeavour to resolve your query at your initial contact point. If the query requires further investigation, the Support Specialist will provide relevant updates through either chat, email, or phone, to then offer an update of progress based on the categorisation of the issue. The details surrounding categorisation are outlined in the table below.

An optional self-service knowledge base for common queries is available via the Help Menu and within the a.i. Academy https://adviceintelligence.myabsorb.com.au/#/login.

The Support Specialist may determine that your request requires further escalation in order to be resolved. In this instance, your case will be transferred to a Senior Support Specialist for further action. If your query requires further escalation, it will be prioritised based on the criteria below and in line with the categorisation.

  1. Impact to the entire site or major components
  2. Critical nature of the impacted function
  3. Inconvenience caused to your business (including any disruption to client interactions or staff performing their primary functions)
  4. Availability and complexity of any alternative options available to you that provide the required outcome
  5. Number of users experiencing the issue
  6. Potential for the issue to worsen
  7. Possibility of data loss
  8. Risk of any compliance or legal implications for you

Escalated issues are categorised with the below priority ratings. Updates pertaining to the resolution progress of your issue will be communicated by chat, email and/or phone.

Any issue raised by email to the support email address will receive an immediate automatic email acknowledgement and ticket number. The support team will then review the ticket. The nature of the issue identified will determine the support team's course of action, either escalating the issue to a Senior Support Specialist for investigation, or proceed with the investigation themself. This process may commence before prioritising, categorising, and responding to the client.

Severity Level


Reporting Method

Acknowledge Time

Response Time

Response Update Frequency


  System outages, where the client is unable to access the system. Critical bug issues, that impact the usability of the system and where no alternative solution is available and the issue could constitute a loss or risk of a loss of data or compliance or legal implications. Phone, email or via the online chat. Immediately. If contained to one client, the client will be called immediately. If the incident is impacting 1 or more clients, an email notification will be sent within 10 minutes of the report of the issue. Every 2 to 4 business hours.


  Issues are categorised as high when a bug is identified as being critical in nature and there is the potential for the issue to worsen, however an alternative option is available. Phone, email or via the online chat. Within 10 minutes. Within 1 hour. At least once a day to the client.


  Where an issue can be resolved with an easy alternative solution and the impact to the clients business is insignificant, i.e. it is not disrupting client interactions or staff performing their primary functions. Phone, email or via the online chat the online chat. Within 1/2 hour. Within 2 hours. At least once every 3 to 5 business days.


  Requests are usually categorised as low where the issue is considered minor or cosmetic in nature. There is no impact to client interaction or primary staff performing their duties. There is no need for an alternative solution. It is considered a new feature request. Phone, email or via the online chat. 1 business day. Within 1 Business day. Within 5 business days.