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What's New?
a.i.'s Latest Feature Release

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a.i is excited to announce the release of a number of new product features and enhancements, including: 

  • Insurance Quote Validation:
    In the a.i. platform, when inside the Insurance Product Comparator tool searching for insurance policies, the following supplier's quotes can now be validated in a.i.: AIA, TAL, Zurich, Zurich Active and MLC. This can be done by expanding the particular policy in the Shortlisted product list and clicking on "Validate Quote" which will allow Advisers to download the quote in a PDF.
  • Cashflow Graph/Statement Enhancement:
    Withdraw from Super/Pension and Cash-out and Re-contribute will now appear in the cashflow graph and statements. 
  • Funds Under Management:
    This shows the total amount of assets across all clients (excluding personal assets and entity assets), and using the filter tool, can be filtered by Adviser.
  • New Risk Profiles (Custom Investment Option):
    When a user creates/edits a new Risk Profile, a custom investment option is created based on the name and asset allocation of the Risk Profile. This will allow users to add/select this generic investment option when adding assets in Client Details/Modelling. 
  • Risk Profile Export Enhancement:
    This allows users to select which Risk Profiles they wish to export into a document (including both current and previous Risk Profiles).


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