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Jacqui Henderson | 6 Oct, 2017

Advice could help address gender gap

Goals based advice can help women learn the basics of financial literacy, and specifically cash-flow, would help address the gender wealth gap and empower women to be financially independent. 

Financial Observer

Jacqui Henderson | 4 Oct, 2017

Breaking down inequality: the different sex debate

Quality financial advice should be a cornerstone in the life of every person. But women, given the inequitable social and economic dynamics, would ideally be in not only a position where they can fund not only their own retirement, but their own lives should they need to live independently. 

Adviser Voice

Jacqui Henderson | 17 Aug, 2017

Technology arouses logical reaction of fear in advisers

Many financial advisers still perceive technology as a threat to their profession, the fear around the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), financial planners concerns about being replaced, however no algorithm or robo-adviser in the world can currently deliver complex financial planning.

Money Management

Jacqui Henderson | 9 Aug, 2017

Fear and loathing from Silicon Valley

Will automated advice capability drive better financial planning outcomes?

An all-pervasive feature of modern life is the speed of technological change, and of our collective capacity to adapt to the multiple impacts of change. This blog seeks to address fears for financial advisers.

Australian FinTech

Jacqui Henderson | 13 Jul, 2017

Edtech can simulate adviser-client scenario

Edtech - simulating classroom knowledge and practical experience into a “virtual experience” would only improve the delivery of education to financial advisers even as the new education standards were set to become effective 1 January 2019.

Money Management

Jacqui Henderson | 3 Jul, 2017

Goals based advice is not an own goal

If you don't consider a client’s goals, then you risk delivering financial advice that doesn’t meet an investor’s needs. It also flags the emergence of new digital tools designed to support and enhance the financial advice experience for financial planners and client alike.

Independent Financial Adviser

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