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Jacqui Henderson | 19 Apr, 2017

‘Hybrid’ robo-advisers gaining traction

The largest US robo-advice companies are introducing humans into their advice models or launching ‘hybrid’ automated models, says Adviser Intelligence. Some of the biggest US robo advisers are now adding humans to their advice services, companies like Vanguard and Schwab.

Jacqui Henderson | 20 Mar, 2017

'EdTech' to impact financial advice of the future

It is not only trends in fintech and 'RegTech' that will influence how financial advice is provided in 2020, but also changes in educational technology. In the face of such a relentless regulatory offensive, financial planning firms will inevitably seek technological solutions to ease the compliance burden.

Jacqui Henderson | 17 Mar, 2017

Edtech can tame regulatory tsunami

Higher qualifications and ongoing training have the power to transform financial advice, but the industry is yet to realise the full potential of educational technology (edtech) innovation and its applications to this sector.

Jacqui Henderson | 27 Jan, 2017

Soon, AI will change everything; be ready when it does

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing. The impact for financial advice and advisers is positive, profound and, I have to say, imminent. When global information technology research firm Gartner issued its strategic technology predictions for 2017 last October, artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning themes led the top 10.

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