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Jacqui Henderson | 18 Dec, 2018

FASEA presents opportunity for advisers

Speaking as part of Advice Intelligence’s (a.i.) Goals Based Advice Podcast. 2017 AFA Female Excellence in Advice winner Lea Schodel said there was an opportunity for advisers to broaden their service offering to encompass money coaching. This has been successful in the US for over 20 years and could help engage more people who are not currently receiving advice.

IFA - Lea Schodel

Jacqui Henderson | 16 Nov, 2018

Goals-based technology to shift industry

The Hayne Royal Commission has suggested that advisers inadequately demonstrate how their advice links to their client’s goals. However, financial planners have long been talking to clients about their goals.

Could this disconnect lie with the industry’s complex advice process, lengthy paper SoA's and ‘old world’ technology? Can we honestly say that the current “customer advice experience” delights today's tech-savvy consumer?

Investor Daily

Jacqui Henderson | 5 Oct, 2018

The goals-based opportunity

Only 30% of Australians know what their goals in life are, revealing a significant opportunity for financial advisers using a goals-based approach. According to new research from Advice Intelligence, about 70% of Australians don't know what their goals in life are.
The research shows more than 75% of people fail to achieve their goals, so understanding the basic principles of behavioural science can assist advisers in establishing realistically achievable goals with their clients.
Jamie Williamson - Financial Standard

Jacqui Henderson | 5 Oct, 2018

Understanding emotions key to advice, a.i. says

Knowing the basic principles of behavioural science can help advisers design better “advice experiences” for their clients.

How many advisers can truly say how many goals they helped their clients to achieve? Not many.

a.i.’s online goals-based advice white paper highlights the importance and benefits of providing goals-based advice. 

Nicholas Grove - Money Management

Jacqui Henderson | 27 Sep, 2018

Goals-based tech can help kick off a new advice movement

Goals-based tech can help the industry move towards a new financial advice model. Linking client goals to advice strategies.

Exactly what future can we expect from a "new world" of advice?

We see advisers evolving towards a lifestyle & financial mentor in this "new world". They rely on tech to provide numbers to tell the client story. Extending their services beyond finances by providing guidance on "lifestyle choices" and "life fulfilment".

FS Advice

Jacqui Henderson | 4 Sep, 2018

a.i. Launches 'new world' financial planning technology

Advice Intelligence (a.i.) has launched Version 1.0 of it’s software platform to financial advisers across Australia. This launch marks the start of a ‘new world’ financial planning movement that will be crucial for the future success of the advice industry.

a.i.’s “WealthMap” feature provides advisers and their clients with a shared space to co-create advice in an interactive way. This will free advisers to test future scenarios and simulate combinations of advice strategies.

Australian Fintech, Money Management & Financial Standard

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